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Achieving Change Together!

August 20, 2022 / admin

VolunteerMatch & Others

VolunteerMatch and Similar Organizations


One very overlooked approach for achieving macro-level impact involves supporting the work of organizations that increase volunteerism, fellowships, leadership skills, and the number of people choosing to take up socially impactful careers. VolunteerMatch has helped close to 140,000 nonprofits attract 17.4 million volunteers, bringing countless hours of support to the nonprofit sector. Points of Light attracts 5 million volunteers annually, equaling $482 million. Other similar organizations include TapRoot Foundation, All for Good, International Volunteer HQ, plus more than ten others. The collective volunteer hours taking place because of these organizations is immense!

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"Organizations supporting philanthropy have been around for over a century, but only recently have we seen a more significant growth in number of institutions."

—Worldwide Initiative of grantmaker Support

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

—Abraham Lincoln

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“The best minute is the one you spend on investing in people.”

—Kenneth H. Blanchard